Friday, January 7, 2011

Journey through life; one Strawberry Chapstick at a time

What I travel with:
Hand sanitizer-check!
Strawberry Chapstick-didn't even need to ask, check!

This is a blog about Strawberry Chapstick.

Simple? Not quite. You see, strawberry chapstick is a rare breed of lip moisturizer.
At times it can only be bought as a multi-pack. In some instances only single tubes exist. In the most disturbing of all cases, it is completely unavailable.

While it's availability is unpredictable, its smooth sweet gliding wax is pure heaven on my lips that long for it fervently day in and day out. I can leave the house without my cell phone, I can forget my keys on the counter, but I will never walk onto 4th Avenue without my trusty little strawberry chapstick.

This blog is about all of the things that I value in my life. From New York to Philadelphia. Here I go, with strawberry chapstick in hand.

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