Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bridal Shower Cupcake

Last month I attended what was my first bridal shower held in honor of my boyfriend's sister Irene. While all the games, hat decorating, and mimosas were fairly new to me, I did realize that bridal showers are a brilliant way of getting all the household goods one desires. 

When I thought of bridal showers and what the appropriate attire to wear to one was,  I thought of an English tea party and floppy hats. Where this notion came from, I'm not exactly sure, but I made every effort to dress in such a manner for the sake of my imagination with a cupcake skirt and a balloon-sleeve crisp white shirt. 

Many of the photos I have posted were by Irene's wedding photographer, Alex

Irene arriving at her 'Hot Pink & Black' Bridal Shower

Opening presents with the help of bridesmaids and flower girls

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From Paris, with Love

This past weekend when I was home for a bridal shower, I managed to find some time to attend the culminating events of the first ever Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, which brought a glimpse of Paris down Broad Street. I came with my boyfriend Alex, my mom Anna, and my little brother Mark all in the hope to experience a little 1920’s class of Paris (think La Belle Epoque). The night’s events ended with a brilliant aerial show by La Compagnie Transe Express that left all 150,000 attendants down Broad Street mesmerized.