Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A Parisian Setup

My love of all things French is driven by the fact that I have never been there. Therefore, Parisian life has a mystical essence in my mind. After reading Colette’s Chéri, I became all the more transfixed by the delicacy of French culture and the beauty of it. In the novel, female beauty is emphasized through the existence of a single string of pearls. The novel reminded me of being trapped in Morisot’s painting Woman at her Toilette, with life existing in pastel colors and a graceful image of a woman arranging her hair at her dresser table.

After taking a look at my own dresser table two things stuck out to me, my new bottle of J’ador perfume and my “Little Black Palette” by Lorac gifted to me by Alex after a trip to Sephora. What I love about both of these products is not only how beautifully packaged they are, but how classic and dainty they appear both on my dresser and make me feel. A spritz of J’ador and a swap of gold color on my lids get me ready for any occasion. 

Au revoir!

Moi at my dresser

Morisot, a real lady at her dresser 

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