Friday, June 24, 2011

MADRID: Churro, Churro, Churro

Plaza Mayor
Hello dedicated followers! (You exist, right?). I am happy to report that I am back from a wonderful two and a half week vacation through EspaƱa (or Spain to keep it simple). The next several blog posts will consist of our Spanish adventures (our since my Don Quixote of a boyfriend, Alex-- or Alejandro to keep things in theme--was with me). Prepare for tales of stunning architecture, delectable cuisine, exciting outings, and a wonderful excursion through a truly remarkable country. 

My starting point begins in Madrid, and follows through to Toledo, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Avila, Segovia, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Valencia, and finally 'Vicky Christina BARCELONA'. 

Upon arrival in Madrid, fighting jet lag and an overnight flight, Alex and I made our first stop after dropping our bags at our hotel: Chocolate Churros. We found our way to a cafe hidden through narrow streets (a common theme in Spain) behind a beautiful church close by to Puerta del Sol (overtaken by recent protests). 

Nothing breaks a serious case of jet lag quite like the taste of chewy churros dipped in rich dark chocolate and a coffee (mind you that in Spain, the coffee is served in small portions--forget about that Venti Red Eye). Things were getting good....

Puerta del Sol: taken over by protesters
Inside the churro cafe--pictures with Spanish figures who have eaten there
Old world Madrid 

Salivating yet?
Happy campers now that chocolate churros are served

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