Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coco Before Chanel

Coco AFTER Chanel

I just watched the 2009 French film Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel) and I became all the more mesmerized by the iconic life of this bold woman of character; a woman who dressed like a man with impromptu suits, scoffed at corsets, and made a modern name for herself. Immediately after the movie I quickly began browsing through Barnes & Noble's selection of her many biographies and read the quick Wikipedia link on her life. And then I decided that I would not delve deeper into my understanding of who she was as a person. I read about involvement with Nazi soldiers, shady money transfers, and I simply had to stop. 

For me, Chanel is the epitome of female. A brand I revere for not only its beautiful clothing, but the consistent name and value it holds. For that reason, Coco shall stay the way she always has in my mind: a woman to be respected for her choices as a designer, and an icon of classic female grace. One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when Coco (played by Audrey Tautou) is seen wearing a belted fisherman's striped shirt; how crisp, how simple, how modern! I do not know who Coco truly was as a person, but I do know that there is only one Chanel

Audrey, a beautiful Coco

My own marinière

Coco in the 1930's wearing a classic fisherman striped shirt


  1. this was a really really interesting and great post! love all the photos :)
    xoxo, Saskia

  2. Nice post:)
    I look forward to your advice and opinions on my blog!

  3. Totally in love with this post!!!Thanks for sharing!

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  5. This is so cool! Love this inspiration.

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