Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kiss the Chef (Gladly)

The proper way to crack open Lobster

My boyfriend Alex is a world-renowned chef making exquisite culinary concoctions solely in the comfort of his kitchen with a very VIP guest list consisting of family and friends. I am his Sous-chef but sometimes I am also called, “Please just stand over there so I can finish this” (also a very prominent and well-respected position to hold in any fine kitchen, where do you think Bobby Flay got his start?)

The following is a compilation of our Top Chef moments, Padma Lakshmi not included.

The first time Alex cooked for me: Scallops

Typical scene of my confusion and Alex's expertise
Notice the smile on Alex's face and the look of exhaust on mine

One of Alex's greatest creations: Braised short-ribs


  1. so when is alex going to cook for me??? looks amazing alex!

  2. hahaha...and Lana don't forget next time you have a sit down lobster dinner I want to be the one to crack the shells!